House Renovation Hampstead

Building work in hampstead

Before work starts

Sometimes its  good to look back and see what the property looked like before we started the building work.

We started the house renovation at this property some 8 months ago and as a builder the first thing I do is to demolish the property,  realistically I never  get the feel of the old  property before the work starts.

My time at the property is spent demolishing the old property and rebuilding it I’m looking at un-plastered walls and ceilings in a builders mess, I finish the building work and move on to the next building project, therefore the amount of time I actually spend in the property before the building work start and after its finished is very small.

building and renovating property NW3

Finished Kitchen

When I go back and have a look at the finish project it always amazes me just how nice some of the work we do is, this particular house we renovated in Hampstead, on the boarder of Golders Green  NW3 had been empty for over three years before we started the work.

The renovation work  is almost complete,  the new Kitchen is in and the floor tiles are down, the underfloor heating is on and things are shaping up nicely.

Apart from the gardens the internal renovation of this building project is now over, we will not plant out the gardens until the fall giving the new vegetation all winter to settle in.

Renovation work at Hampstead floors

One of the problems we have had with renovating this property in Hampstead was how to sound proof the floor add underfloor heating and leave adequate ventilation for the lighting of the roof below.

The detail of the video shows how we overcome this problems and you can see how we are progressing  with the renovation work.


Refurbishment hampstead underfloor heating

Refurbishment of property hampstead

Underfloor heating going in

The underfloor heating has started to go in and today we have the manifolds fitted and the system is full of water under test it will not be long and we will be able to get the heating on.

The floors has sound insulation built into them and together with the underfloor heating this douse not leave much room for lighting.

Underfloor heating design

The design of the floor and underfloor heating

Swiss Cottage structural damaged to floor found when renovation works start

water damaged floor Hampstead

damaged floor

The customer told me before we started work that he had been flooded several times and he thought the floor to the flat in Swiss Cottage was badly decayed .

If you look closely you can see the pipes running under the floor are rotting away because

reseration of a flat in Swiss Cottagethey have been sweating.

Damp and musty smells filled the flat when we started the strip out.

After we striped the floors out we found the ground to be contaminated with raw sewerage so all the top soil was removed together with all the timber Joists.

Property refurbishment Hampstead Roof

New skylights with rain censers


Work Continues on the roof and the new insulation has been installed, its very important to the customer that this house is insulated to the highest standards to keep energy usage down to a minimon.

I will be taking thermal images and posting just how the property performs. Back to the roof.

re-building of the chimney stacks

Re- building of chimney stacks

The new skylights are  completely electronic opening and closing on timers and closing automatically when it rains.


Property refurbishment Hampstead Roof

Roof In hampstead

The new roof going on

When you start a refurbishment and I men start not just start the paperwork because that starts around 6 month beforehand with the planing permission the archItect and the engineers, The project management on this job is down to me so I set out

the time line for the works.

We have removed all the old bricks and chimney pots ready to rebuild the chimney

Bricks being removed before rebuilding

We started on building project by striping the property out and removing the roof this was to deter squatters and thieves.

The next thing was to start rebuilding works on the roof.

We already knew that the brickwork was in a very bad state and the brickwork needed complete renovation bricks cut out and re pointing.




Work Progresses to the underfloor heating at our building project in Hampstead

The refurbishment project we have going in Hampstead at the moment is moving fast.

The rear extention is now up and the underfloor heating is going down

This video shows how we designed the underfloor heating so the customer gets the best from the underfloor heating and also has good sound proofing from the other floors



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