Project Management

As part of our comprehensive service, Hampstead Builders Ltd will manage your project from start to finish. Project Management is vital to the smooth progress and successful outcome of a construction project.

Project Management covers a wide range of responsibilities, including assessing and managing each phase of the project, deciding which operatives and how many are required to be on site for each phase, what materials are going to be needed, sourcing and ordering them to be delivered on schedule, ensuring salvageable materials are stored correctly and re-used as necessary, ensuring all waste is cleared/disposed of responsibly ready for the following phase, and ensuring health and safety are managed responsibly and correctly. In short the Project Manager is responsible for:

  • Planning.
  • Organizing.
  • Managing resources.

To bring about the successful completion of the project goals. This means the Project Manager must liaise with all persons involved with the project including the designer, architect and You, the property owner.

The Benefits of Project Management:

As the owner of the property you need to be confident that your project is running smoothly and on schedule, so you don’t want to worry about constantly being on the phone to the architect or the contractors. You only need one point of contact with Hampstead Builders Ltd, which is our Project Manager.